A Screenshot of the Battle Screen

Battle is a mode of the game that allows you to fight against other players. These players are in the same level range as you are. By battling, a player can earn money and experience points. When battling, stamina is used.

Defensive battles are subroutine and generally occur while a player is offline. Players will be updated of all offline events when they return to the game, while Offensive battles must be initiated by the player.

The combat formula: the combat formula works based on the attack and defense power of all active squad members. The amount of squad members you can effectively bring into battle is directly associated with the level of the player initiating the attack. The formula also brings into account the equipment of all active squad members. Formula works similarly for both offensive and defensive sides. Although it is unclear how the combat formula works precisely since occasionally players may find themselves consistently defeated by an opponent with a lower defense rating, than the attacking player’s attack rating

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