Sidearms are available for purchase in the Depot.

Available SidearmsEdit

Name Description Attack Points Defence Points Total Value Cost in Depot Available
Pen Knife Not much for combat, but the perfect knife for whitlling. 3 4 1,257 Common
KA-BAR Knife As a last resort, it can't be beat. 6 9 2,814 Common
V-42 Stiletto A nice narrow blade for sticking axis pigs. 12 17 7,727 Common
M1 Knife Bayonet This way, your gun never runs out of ammo! 15 22 11,083
Smith & Wesson M10 "Victory" Revolver A six-shooter. How quaint. 20 31
Colt M1917 Revolver I think my pa used one of these in the last war. 26 40
FP-45 Liberator Uncle Sam made these for the Resistance, but maybe it'll come in handy. 38 47
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